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It was late '99/early 2000, my first 'real band' was doing pretty well. Though on the verge of a split, we at least had a van with no heat or air, and having recently opened a few shows for bands like Creed (I know, shut up!) and a couple of Butch Walker's bands, we were doing an in-store acoustic performance one afternoon before a show that night. I knew the store manager and asked him to turn me on to something awesome because I was sick of myself and everything else I was hearing at the time. He handed me The Supersuckers' "The Evil Powers of Rock 'n' Roll"...I was never the same. Even after all these years, having retired my hard rock shoes to make outlaw country & southern honky-tonk rock & roll records on the Big Mavis label, there's still something about The Supersuckers and Eddie's Spaghetti's solo records that gets into your bones and digs in for the long haul...I needed to tell that story so that Eddie and the rest of you would understand what a positive effect he has on people...And now it's time to pay some of that positivity back!

As you may or may not know, Eddie Spaghetti and his beautiful family are facing some adversity right now; Eddie is battling (and winning) a bout with stage 3 oropharynx cancer. Having completed two surgeries, but still facing the road of post-operative treatment, and being off the road for awhile,
as you can imagine, it ain't easy on the wallet. Especially for musicians with families who have given you their heart and soul with no promise of retirement or a 401k plan. This is also a personal thing for me, because I lost a brother to pancreatic cancer and it's an evil, unforgiving disease.

And my dad used to say: "Treat life like the military, never leave a brother down!" So that's what we're doing! Once in awhile fate steps in and takes the wheel, and that's exactly what happened here: We recorded a 4 song Gram Parsons tribute E.P. last year with the intention of the proceeds going to a charity, and the ones we had initially chosen all fell through for one reason or another. Then unfortunately as the E.P. was in post-production, we heard the news about Eddie's illness and needless to say it was a no-brainer. So this is where you come in!!!

You friends, fans and rabid members of the Sweethearts Nation can help by making ANY donation to Eddie's Cancer Fight Fund (nothing is too small) using the link to the right of this note. In appreciation for your generosity, please help yourself to a free download of our new EP "Oh My Land."

We love you all Eddie Spaghetti, J.D., Quattro, Elvis and Zeke and we're with you all the way through!
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