All of my songs are about making bad decisions.”

— James Scott Bullard

James Scott Bullard's career boasts quite an impressive resume'.
Having carved out a name for himself as an award winning Southern singer/songwriter and being named one of the top 5 country artists you should know in the 'Outlaw' and 'Amercana' categories of the Country music family tree, while he simply calls it: 'The Blues.' 
His music found a home on radio stations and podcasts across the globe where he is comfortably located in the Bermuda Triangle between Waylon Jennings, Hank Sr. and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and not only looks the part, but has lived it. “Exciting, ragged, raw, unpredictable, brooding and real” are all words that have been used to describe Bullard in publication.

Ever the critics darling; Harry Kaplan of Twangrila described Bullard as a “poet” and declared: “If you’re looking for your next honky-tonk hero, I think I may have found him. His name is James Scott Bullard and he is pure, 24k gold. Something tells me Bullard will soon be a household name in country music like Sturgill Simpson and Margo Price.”

Bullard’s style has fierce country, southern rock, gospel and blues elements that all reside on the darker side of the equation and are nothing short of irresistible. Armed with a leathery, sage-like voice and a natural charisma that can’t be taught or bought, he sings pretty much solely about his own life experiences; including love, loss, death and addiction with very smart lyrics that aren’t preachy or too matter of fact.

With a prolific song catalog (115 published with ASCAP in 2018 alone, to be exact) showing influences that span all genres. These songs make you laugh, cry and ultimately wonder just what the hell happened to this guy along the road of a life led mostly on the edge?

Bullard built a legion of followers through constant U.S. touring, spending 2+ years (between 2017/2019) on a headlining tour across the U.S. (also sharing the stage with the likes of The Steel Woods, TN. Jet, Butch Walker, Dex Romweber and David Allan Coe) in some of the U.S's top venues, all while maintaining a massive social media following and releasing multiple recordings along the way.

Bullard’s following is made up of not only his loyal fans, ranging every age demographic and walk of life, but it's also no secret that certain iconic punk and heavy metal musicians, comedians, actors, and other edgier celebrities seem to rally around him with great respect and support.

In 2018, Bullard was honored to be asked to be a contributor in a forthcoming book about legendary Waylon Jennings collaborator and master songwriter, Billy Joe Shaver, scheduled for release in 2021 and penned by Courtney S. Lennon.

In his career, Bullard received 14 award nominations and 8 wins in categories including: album, artist, song and entertainer of the year. 4 Josie Awards, 2 Torch Awards, 1 L.A. Critics Award and the coveted Gram Parsons Legacy Award.
His last 3 (self-directed) music videos, one of which was edited by Matt Odom (Nicki Minaj) all hit over 100,000 views mere hours after release and were picked up for play on Ditty TV, the International Americana/Folk Music Television Station, and along with having been photographed by top photographers in his career, Bullard's cartoon likeness was immortalized by Disney artist Don Howard for his: ‘Country Legends Series.’ (You can buy a print on Howard’s Website.)


Born in rural South Carolina, Bullard claims to have come from a mixed clan of Irish, German, Native American, hillbilly moonshiners. Playing in local bars as a teen, he moved on to a hard rock and metal band in the 90’s, but slowly drifted back to country music. “My dad always said, “you’ll come back to your roots”, says Bullard. “I don’t mean this to sound arrogant at all, but there’s something about being from the south that you just ‘know’. There’s something here in the rivers and the soil that bleeds artistic expression. The blues were born here, which morphed into country and bluegrass all weaving in and out of gospel. Hank Williams, Little Richard, Elvis, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers and Tom Petty all came from here. What more proof does one need?”

In mid-2020, a book of Bullard's poetry and collected writings, titled: "Dead Man" was published through Amazon and is now for sale via download or paperback form from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. 
Bullard says he plans to release at least 2 more books in the coming year, and though he never attended college, recently earned 2 diplomas; One in digital photography and photo editing and one in Cinematography and Film & Television Directing, via online programs at Harvard and Chapman respectively. He is also a certified Nondenominational Ordained Minister.

In early 2022 Bullard announced his retirement from the Americana/Alt.Country industry to pursue a new heavy metal project, (among other ventures), but he promises we will see the release of a final JSB record, aptly titled: "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy," which consists of mostly previously unreleased original demo tracks and 2 covers, and may include updated versions of some earlier works.
Rumor has it that 23 tracks were recorded in one session. No word as to how many will actually be available to the public.

I’m pretty sure JSB sleeps in his boots and denim, but I don’t know because he slept on the floor outside our door to be sure we were safe in the shady lodging on tour.”

— A duet partner about touring in Nashville w/ Bullard