indie0utlaws Interview, by Freddie "King Rat" Weisman

By Freddie ‘King Rat’ Weisman

It had been quite awhile since I last spoke with James Scott Bullard, so I called to play a bit of catch-up on shows, the new band, record sales, etc. And once again, I got everything but…but once again, I got the goods. 

“Alt.Country is dead!” exclaims a tongue-in-cheek agitated Bullard. 

I find this odd considering he has been referred to as the new Gram Parsons on more than one occasion, has fought tooth and nail for the movement, and against anything calling itself country that he deemed unworthy, which since the invention of the c.d. according to him, has been just about everything. 

“Let’s call what I do: Real country.” He continues. “I hate that there has to be a title, a genre or an ilk to fit into, but there does so I’m just going to start calling it: ‘real country.’ 
Because that’s what it is! It’s real. About real things, real people, real emotions and real problems.” 

“Hank Williams didn’t sing about trucks and tractors and shit, he didn’t have people chant a good ol’ boy chorus of ‘Hell yeah’ along with him, and he definitely didn’t fucking rap! 
He sang about realism! 
How many times do I have to stand on this same old soapbox? Everyone agrees with me, they’re just afraid to say it out loud, afraid they’ll offend the Taylor Swift or Kenny Chesney fans…Fuck 'em all!” 

See what I mean? 

Playfully aggressive and presumptuous was how I found Bullard and I left him in the same way. 

He has gained a reputation as being outspoken, having made past statements or actions that got him into hot water and this will probably prove to be no exception. 

The question here is one I’ve had before: Is it real or a persona that he takes on to draw you in? Especially since there’s a new music video on the way and 2 new records to sell…Coincidence? 
After all, Bullard himself has been cited as saying that every time Eminem beats up his girlfriend, his record sales skyrocket! 

And let's not forget my last coverage on Bullard was a marriage hoax that he said; "Did it's job." 

As bad as I dislike bratty musicians, I always have and always will champion Bullard and his work, because I can’t deny talent and my final summation is this: 

James Scott Bullard’s music, much like his character is bold, loud, gritty, determined and just damn good, plain and simple! 
If Nikki Sixx suddenly decided to play country music, this is exactly what it would look and sound like.