Country Music Armadillo Interview by "Venice" Joe Pettijohn

Interview by "Venice" Joe Pettijohn

James Scott Bullard has a shirt out asking “Who the fuck is James Scott Bullard?” I set out to answer that question myself in this brand new interview, and when all was said and done, I knew exactly who the fuck James Scott Bullard is. 

I must admit, the prospect of interviewing James Scott Bullard was a little intimidating. Not because he’s a bad guy (On the contrary, he’s one of the truly great guys) but because he was someone that I knew the least about. He was a “cold call” interview for me. I had heard his music before and I had an appreciation for it, but I have never seen him live. I had never interacted with him before. We chatted lightly only for a couple days prior to the interview, but I was still nervous heading in. 

They say you’re only as good as your dance partner, and James Scott Bullard pulled me right through the waltz with him. He took the lead, and carried me through while giving what I consider to be a masterpiece of an interview. 

The first thing I will tell you about this interview is this: prepare for it. My previous long was with “Badass” Billie Gant coming in at a second over 46 minutes. 

We nearly triple that in this one. Coming in just 5 seconds shy of 2 hours and 8 minutes, James Scott Bullard may have taken possession of a record that will never be broken here at the Country Music Armadillo. 

But it’s not long-winded. It’s not rambling. It’s all meaningful. It’s genuine. James is a man with a story to tell, and his eagerness to share is as deep as an ocean. He holds nothing back. Where others may use discretion and keep such personal matters to themselves, James opens right up like a book for you to read and pours them forth, and does so in a way that lets you know just why it has meaning to him. This isn’t a man without a filter just saying things that he probably shouldn’t just to hear his own voice, it’s a man telling his stories, his truths, with a passion. A passion for where it has led him. 

And that same passion is one he puts into his music. 

James isn’t a new face to this country music movement. He’s been here for a while. And he didn’t come here because he was tired of the state of mainstream country music. He started doing his own thing, and learned of the state of country music as he went. He didn’t let that change his style though. Unwavering, he continued to be who he was. 

And thank god for that. 

James Scott Bullard is a man with a lot to say both in song, and out. We connected very quickly because we think and feel a lot the same way, and we even share some pretty damn cool life experiences. I was nervous going in, and I came out on the other side with a damn good friend. 

So grab a drink, a snack, and spend a couple of hours with a guy so real and genuine that the time stands still, and listen to him do his thing in his wonderful way and experience for yourself just who the fuck James Scott Bullard is.