J.P.'s Music Blog Reviews "Full Tilt Boogie"

By J. Pasinski

Country-rocker James Scott Bullard is preparing to release his sixth full-length LP titled "Full Tilt Boogie" on April 27th.  James is using his many years of experience in the music industry to create a classic LP, beginning with the heavy, guitar-soaked blues of "Lord Have Mercy." He quickens up the pace with the country/roots rocker "Wicked Ways" and "All To Pieces" as his southern rock inspirations are spread all over this new album. The raw, high-energy boogie of "Hey, Hey Mama" and the swinging tempo of "Evil Lovin'," showcases Bullard's fun for delivering an edgier country rock sound. He finishes up his new album with the Americana, two-step shuffle of "The Next Tear" and the slow-down southern jewel of "Back To You." To find out more about James Scott Bullard and his latest release "Full Tilt Boogie," please visit jamesscottbullard.com.