Gary Hayes Country Premiers "Jesus, Jail, or Texas"

By Gary Hayes

At this particular time my crew is STILL processing this new album available in April of 2018. So you’ll have to stay in touch with this website for the album review. However right now I have been working close with his publicist company to bring you this SECOND premiere single release “Jesus, Jail Or Texas”. Remember you heard it HERE FIRST folks, and many thanks to Country Music Armadillo for interviewing him. 

He is currently on the road right now but I contacted him via text and he had this to say about the song: 

“This song was a tongue-in-cheek approach to a true life story.I asked a mutual friend what ever happened to a girl I once was involved with, and found out that she’d moved to Texas and was married.Then maybe a month later I got a phone call from a local friend who said: “Hey man did you hear that two of your exes were arrested today – together – in the same pace at the same time for the same crime?” Hence: the “two that went to jail.” I’m never sure why people think I care what my exes are up to these days unless I ask, but people do like to talk. So I have heard through the grapevine over the years that some of them were now married, moms, or had new-found spiritual awakenings in the church, which is obviously FAR better than finding me! Hence: “three or four found Jesus.” The rest of it wrote itself from various things that happened or that I had said to people over the years. I once read a great John Cleese quote: “I’ve let a lot of good women go, I’ve let a lot of bad women stay and the ones in between I’ve been rather mean to.”…That quote stuck with me as I wrote this song.”