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By Remo Ricaldone
Lonestar Time - Italy

Here is the rough translation: 
A native of South Carolina, James Scott Bullard embodies the classic artist in the balance between rock'n'roll and country music, the two sounds that have marked his days from an early age. He has already released several records (at least nine) and has a cult following in his state and now also in the rest of the south and midwest thanks to a capillary live coverage that has made him known and appreciated for style and authenticity. "Full Tilt Boogie" is the opportunity to get to know him and is probably his most mature and complete work, produced by the couple Missy Davis Jones and Ken 'Dakota' Jones and practically recorded at home in the Southern Harmony studios of Florence, SC. Supported by a rock band formed by the rhythm section in the hands of Kevin Singleton (bass) and Mike Knight (drums), from Justin Banks keyboards and Jeff Springs guitars, with the vocal harmonies of Rebecca Morning and Jordan Adams, Mr. Bullard has assembled a really enthralling album, immediately introduced by a melody that would have made Ronnie Van Zandt happy, an electric ballad, cadenced, convincing and classically sudist. "Wicked Ways" has sharp guitars, bluesy and soulful keyboards, the charm of 'southern rock' sprinkled with country music, "All To Pieces" shows how convincing is the compositional talent of James Scott Bullard with another song that leaves the sign (and here Cody Canada could make a nice cover), while "The Next Tear" brings him closer to the melodies of his fellow Marshall Tucker Band. "Full Tilt Boogie" continues joining Waylon and Skynyrd, country, blues and rock in a context full of references and quotations, always giving the impression of freshness and brilliance. From "Warpath" to "Jesus, Jail, Or Texas", from "Leavin 'On My Mind" to the final "Back To You" with his clear guitar duets that refer to the Allman Brothers Band of the "Eat A Peach" period, all contributes to forming a group to be strongly recommended. A (for us) beautiful discovery.