"Leavin' On My Mind" on Ear To The Ground's Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Basic Cable Mix 

Had a great time at Dee's last night.  It is always a pleasure to see Wild Ponies - to me they are the best of what Nashville has to offer - both musically and as people.   They were fantastic last night.  Also on the bill was Suzanne Harper and Lindsay White.  Suzanne Harper is from the band Talks Like June. You may recall that about three years back, I humble bragged about getting to go to the famous Cash Cabin Studio - built by Johnny Cash and now run by John Carter Cash.  The event that brought me there was for Talks Like June. It was my first time seeing her since that day, and she was great. It was my first time (period) seeing Lindsay White. I really enjoyed her performance. Music was great, the hangs were great. 

Tonight, I will make another pilgrimage to The 5 Spot for Tim Carroll's Rock n Roll Happy Hour.  The best free event (hell the best event (period)) in Nashville. 

Well, we've made it to end of another week.  We dive back into our "new music" playlist. 

Let's just get to it. 

"Lesbian Death Drums" by Hologram Teen 

We begin with another track from Between the Funk and the Fear.  Hologram Teen is the project of Morgane Lhote of Stereolab (an avant pop band that formed in 1990). I have been digging on this album. 

"Leavin' On My Mind" by James Scott Bullard 

Next up, we have another excellent track from Full Tilt Boogie by James Scott Bullard.  I had the pleasure to meet Bullard during the Magnolia Roads event back in the spring.  This album is in the top tier of my favorite albums of this year. 

"Floating" by Rat Scabies 

Former The Damned drummer - Rat Scabies is back in the shuffle with another track from his P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt) album.  A legendary figure in the formation and development of punk rock - Scabies is still going strong into his 60s.  Honored to be able to feature his new music. 

"Time Attack!" by Cup 

Cup have quickly ascended into my favorite bands list. We have featured two of their albums in fairly short order.  This is a track from their most recent album, Jitter Visions.  I could not find a video of this track (but we added one of their awesome videos), but if you want to hear this track, I am embedding it below. 

"Houses and Cars" by Sean Quinn and the Tremblers 

Not exactly "new" anymore - but still fresh in my heart. We have our final track to feature from Never Built to Last by Sean Quinn and the Tremblers. Sean has been staying busying playing for several different people. This has always been among my two or three favorite songs of his. 

"Chameleon" by The Zealots 

When George Terry McDonald took the time out of a quick trip to Nashville (where he recorded at Cafe Rooster studios) to stop by week one of my residency, I managed to snag two new albums from him.  One being PLOW by his alter ego/non de plume, George Trouble). The other was his occasional band The Zealots and their new album Jawbone.  Both albums include contributions by Dex Romweber.  This is a rocking song that motivated me through the latter part of my walk to my office. 

Barbed Wire" (Remi Parson Remix) by Rodney Cromwell 

Next up, we have another track from Rodney's English Disco - by Rodney Cromwell which the recording project of Adam Cresswell. This is a remix done by UK pop artist Remi Parson. 

"Take a Chance on Me" by Walter Lure and the Waldos 

We close with our first listen to Wacka Lacka Boom Bop A Loom Bam Boo the brand new (as in released today) album by Walter Lure and the Waldos.  Lure was founding member of the seminal New York punk band The Heartbreakers - formed by Johnny Thunders after leaving New York Dolls. Lure's career also includes a stint playing on albums with Ramones.  To say I am honored to have this iconic figure in my shuffle is an understatement.