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Alternate Root Review of "Full Tilt Boogie"

 In the write what you know style, James Scott Bullard has found a muse for his recent release, Full Tilt Boogie. The South Carolina musician claims that ‘all my songs are about bad decisions’, using the line as a mantra…

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Great Review from Italy's Roots Highway!

Here's a rough translation:

Fresh from the press in April, Full Tilt Boogie is the mighty last piece for James Scott Bullard, a boy from the rural south of the United States, born in South Carolina from a mixed-blood…

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Blazing Hot Elmore Magazine Review, by Jim Hynes!

By Jim Hynes

If ever a title typified an album, Full Tilt Boogie does a decent job. This is unrelenting, full throttle outlaw country assault with screaming guitars and riffs that sound at times like the Allman Brothers on…

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By Bob Leggett

This is upbeat Americana/Country music with a Southern Rock edge, perfect for summer parties.  It is guaranteed to get you on the dance floor, especially “Wicked Ways” and “All to Pieces.”    The good times keep coming…

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Pasadena Weekly Review

Solidly crafted, big-hearted Southern rock animated by stirring guitar leads (by Bullard and Jeff Springs) and flashes of humor (“Preacher told me, ‘Boy, you’re going straight to hell’/ I said, ‘Well, preacher, when you get to heaven/ Have the good…

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Italian Blog, Lonestar Time, Reviews Full Tilt Boogie

By Remo Ricaldone
Lonestar Time - Italy

Here is the rough translation: 
A native of South Carolina, James Scott Bullard embodies the classic artist in the balance between rock'n'roll and country music, the two sounds that have marked his…

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