Full Tilt Bio.

By: Sloane Spencer

James Scott Bullard is an “all or nothing” guy.  Full Tilt Boogie releases Friday, 27 April 2018, on Big Mavis Music.  Recorded with his long-time collaborators at Southern Harmony Studio in Florence, South Carolina, Bullard’s newest album will also be available on vinyl. 

Bullard developed a regional cult following through touring and expanded his reach in 2017 with a series of successful Midwest runs, connecting with devoted fans from his Facebook and Instagram following. Full Tilt Boogie slides into the speakers like James Scott Bullard himself:  ambitious, unexpected, and just slightly over the edge. 

James Scott Bullard saunters onto the stage, casually cracking jokes with his country band while they sound check.  Later, Bullard talks about his horror film he’s been crafting for a couple years, at breakneck speed, zipping from related topics like his favorite movies to properly lighting make-up to heavy metal mood music, like a Southern Rob Zombie.  This contrast encapsulates James Scott Bullard, a guy who seems to be simultaneously at opposite ends of the spectrum of any subject, but he’s so genuine, that it works. 

After a brief stint in rehab several years ago, James Scott Bullard declared himself substance-free, yet it took him longer to accept responsibility for the rest of his life’s decisions.  That process led to fan-favorite lovelorn songs from his previous albums.  Full Tilt Boogie jumps forward to where Bullard is now, owning his bad choices and sometimes reveling in them, while not giving up vices altogether, as his string of exes will attest.  Bullard’s honesty about his flaws endears him to his fans, who find broken pieces of themselves in the lyrics.